• SUHBA - Your
    Secure Internet

    JSC Suhba is a Russian company with a multi-purpose business model which has offices in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates, China, Uzbekistan and Switzerland.
TIN 7703428191,
IFS RF №3 registered
in Moscow 30.05.2017.
  • The main activity - development of IT products.

    A huge number of people in the world adhere to traditional moral values and want to protect themselves and their children from negative Internet propaganda of same-sex marriage, nazism, violence, terrorism, drugs, etc. And naturally, the idea of creating such field was born in the IT sphere where no state borders.

    JSC Suhba relies on the potential Secure Internet industry and creating a special approach to content filtering which basis for the platform being developed for various Internet services that are interesting to modern people today. The volume of the Internet market one of the fastest growing sectors of the world economy now exceeded 9 trillion dollars.

    It includes internet banking, online shopping and other sectors. Overcoming language, cultural and political barriers Suhba seeks to unite more than 700 million users within 3 years.

  • Currently, the company is on the stage of development “startup B” - attracting investments.
  • In 2017 the International Evaluation of market value of Software Projects of the Suhba company amounted to 418 billion rubles ($ 7.4 billion).

    JSC Suhba is a company with a multi-purpose business model. The company's main revenue streams are project solutions for business communication, marketing, sales as well as Internet advertising services.

    The authorized capital is 10 000 rubles at the time of the investment proposal. In 2017 the evaluation of market value in the Russian Federation of software projects of the Suhba company amounted to 685 billion rubles ($ 9.8 billion). Currently, documents have been submitted to increase the capitalization of the estimated value of the company's software projects.

Our Achievements

  • 2016
    • Estimation of the investment cost of the project “Suhba” in the amount of 802 million rubles, with the contribution to the authorized capital of LLC “Suhba”.
    • Our project was reviewed by the UN and the Joint Suhba-UNIDO declaration of cooperation was signed.
    • Our team participated in the intergovernmental forum Tatarstan-Turkey, representing the business of the Republic of Tatarstan in the  Ankara city as part of the official delegation.
    • At the International Halal Forum as part of the delegation of the Russian Federation met at the highest level with the signing of memorandums of cooperation with Europe and Latin America.
  • 2017
    • Determination of the market value of the assets of the project “Suhba” (scientific and technical development) in the amount of 418 billion rubles.
    • The project officially joined the organization “AIAPS” “UN” – “AIAPS” “UN” with the program “Protecting children from violence on the Internet.”
    • An agreement was signed with a stock broker and an account was opened on the Alternative Investments Market – AIM.
    •  JSC Suhba has been registered to access over-the-counter and exchange sales of the company’s shares.
    • The head office of the company was opened in Moscow.
    • Opened office in Moscow. Federation-East Tower.
    • A branch of the company “Suhba-Kazakhstan” was opened in Astana.
    • A contract was concluded and the first issue was issued with the VTB Registrar to the share register.
    • The first issue of shares of Suhba in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation with the price of 10 rubles for a unit.
    • A new exchange platform “Suhba” was commissioned.
  • 2018
    • A branch of Suhba-Europa  has been opened in Bulgaria.
    • The company`s office opened in Azerbaijan.
    • A branch of Suhba-Vostok  was opened in Turkey.
    • A branch of Suhba-Consalting in the UAE has been opened.
    • Opened company office in China

Company Newsall news

  • JSC Suhba changed the VTB Registrar to the R.O.S.T. Registrar From the beginning of the New 2019 Year JSC Suhba changed the VTB Registrar to the R.O.S.T. Registrar. R.O.S.T. is a large Russian registrar, a professional participant in the Securities Market. This company will collect, store and transfer documents and information about personal accounts of registered persons of our company.
  • Dear Partners, Investors, Friends! In October 2018 the Moscow office of JSC Suhba was visited a very important gentleman and investor of our company the Chancellor of the Imperial House of Rurikovich Senor Don Juan Koronatti Bolañoz.
  • The agreement with Data Center is signed! Finally, this day has come! Agreement of Data Center in Saransk was signed by both parties and entered into force from yesterday. Now we have some connection, configure the server jobs in Saransk! Thank you for your patience!