About company

The main feature of the Suhba Internet Resource is censorship of general information, strict filtering of all audio, video, photo and text content for prohibited and unauthorized information in accordance with the laws of International Law and the internal laws of each individual state.

Translated from the Arabic “Suhba” means “peace”, “community” or “friendship.” The main ideology of the Suhba company – association of people of different faiths, nationalities and cultures. The Arabic word in the name of the Russian company did not appear simply, the main values which lost in the West — the values ​​of family, spiritual self-knowledge, sacrificial service to people and faith — were fully preserved in the East.

The company’s goal: to overcome all political, cultural and language barriers, opening the world of universal human values ​​through the Internet. Creating a safe Internet for communication, work, education, parenting. Company going to build own Data Center and an independent platform for the protection of intellectual property.

Business structure

According to information which available in the company, the following individuals and legal entities of JSC Suhba and interdependent  persons are:

  1. Tukhtarov Tokhir Rafailievich is a shareholder of the JSC “Suhba”company , ownership share 69%;
  2. LLC “Suhba-Life” – an affiliated company (Tukhtarov Tokhir Rafailevich owns 60% of the company’s share);
  3. LLC “Kinokompaniya-Suhba” – an affiliated company (Tukhtarov Tokhir Rafailevich has 51% shares of the company);
  4. LLC “Suhba-Home” is an affiliated company (Tukhtarov Tokhir Rafailevich owns 90% of the company’s share).