Dear partners, investors!


Due to the fact that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation did not support the initiative of JSC “Suhba” to increase the authorized capital, it was decided to open an additional Joint-stock company in Spain, which will continue to be the main one, and JSC “Suhba” in Russia will continue its activities as a branch.

For this purpose, on 10.04.2019, Suhba-Technology S.L. was registered with an authorized capital of 4.5 million rubles (75,000 dollars) and an application was submitted for an increase in the authorized capital to 10 billion dollars.

A positive response was received from the interim state bodies on the liquidity of the submitted documents to increase the authorized capital by depositing intangible assets.

The Spanish company incorporated in Valencia (Spain) and renamed Suhba-Technology S.L., has been operating for 11 years and has a clean history. On the basis of this, the government of Spain approved the possibility of increasing the company’s authorized capital to $ 10 billion, according to the provided valuation documents for non-material assets. This is an accomplished fact – all stages of the formation of the company Suhba-Technology S.L. passed!

After passing the annual balance sheet of JSC Suhba for 2018 (after July 1, 2019), the procedure for increasing the authorized capital to 10 billion dollars will be launched.

The next step is to issue shares of the company at a price of 1 euro per share.

After the issue, the database of partners will be transferred to the Spanish company Suhba-Technology S.L. with proper notification of all partners.

In the second half of 2019, the company plans to enter one of the European stock exchanges.

President of JSC Suhba,
Tokhir Tukhtarov