JSC “Suhba” is the winner in the nomination “For Financial Excellence”!

Dear friends!

The President of JSC ”Suhba” Tukhtarov Tokhir again pleases us with great news!

Earlier we already covered the news that the AACC International Committee, AACC-IETO and the Association Committee recognized the company ”Suhba” as the winner in the nomination among IT Companies – for Financial Excellence. In this regard, on March 30, 2019, in India (Hyderabad), our President Tokhir Tukhtarov was awarded the winner in this nomination.

”Be it known to all, in accordance with the Evaluation Process and on the recommendation of the Jury and by virtue of the authority of the Award Committee of Confer the Asian Arab Award 2019

Tokhir Tukhtarov


With all Rights, Privileges, Immunities and such Distinction in Testimony whereof then caused this Award unto appertaining on the Thirties day of March Two Thousand Nineteen.

S.Krishnakumar IAS (Retd)

Chairman Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce


Company “Suhba” JSC is the winner in the nomination“ For financial Excellence ”.

The awards of the Asian Arab Awards are a distinctive feature of successful enterprises that have developed over a certain period of time. This award is awarded for innovation and excellence in business design, excellence, educational value and social appeal. We have much to be proud of! May our great mission be further growth and success!