Dear Partners, Investors, Friends!

Dear friends! There is very interesting and important informayion about our great project SUHBA.

In October 2018, the Moscow office of JSC Suhba was visited a very important gentleman the Chancellor of the Imperial House of Rurikovich, Senor Don Juan Koronatti Bolañoz who is an investor of our company. Marquis Don Juan Coronatti Bolañoz really likes and he is interested in the idea of a safe Internet!

Rurik – princely, royal and later the royal family in ancient Russia, coming from the descendants of Rurik, eventually fragmented into many branches. The family tree of Rurikovich is very extensive. Most of the representatives of the Rurik dynasty were the rulers of the Old Russian state, as well as the Russian principalities, which were formed after the division of the Russian lands. Some members of the dynasty later belonged to the royal family of other states: the Hungarian-Croatian kingdom, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Bulgarian kingdom, the Georgian kingdom, the Duchy of Austria, etc.
Detailed description of the pedigree is here.

Our investor (shareholder) is actually a descendant of royals.

On October 29, 2018 our President of the JSC Suhba Tokhir Rafailevich Tukhtarov, received an official invitation from the Prince of the Royal House of Rurikovich that he would be presented for an award for merits in the field of the Internet security.

The President of JSC “Suhba” Mr.Tukhtarov T.R. accepted the official invitation of His Highness Grand Prince Don Hugo Norberto Cabrera Rurikovich the Head of the Dynasty of Rurikovich, and attended the annual historical meeting of an extraordinary character, held from 23 to 26 November, in a meeting with a protest and under the protection of the Royal and Imperial House of Rurikovich from 23 to 26 November 2014.

On this memorable International event following the strictest protocol, the head of the Rurik dynasty, His Highness the Grand Duke Don Hugo Norberto Cabrera Rurikovich, personally solemnly handed over to the President of JSC “Suhba” Tohir RafailevichTuhtarov deserved awards and documents relating to the requirements of the Great Prince Rurik :

Two MEDALS and two ORDERS, including the ORDER of the Great Imperial House of Rurikovich were awarded!

The following is a document – a letter of recognition of the award to our President Tukhtarov T.R. honored awards from the Royal Imperial House of Rurikovich (RURIK) HEADS OF the STATE DENMARK HIRH Prince and Herceg of the Imperial House of Rurikovich.

REFERENCE: Apostille is an international standardized form for filling in information about the legality of a document for presentation on the territory of countries that recognize such a form of legalization. The “Apostille” stamp is placed on the originals and copies of documents. The apostille does not require any other certification or legalization of the document and is recognized by the official bodies of all states parties to the Convention.

In addition, our President Tukhtarov T.R. from the sovereign royal and imperial house of Rurikovich


the assignment to Tokhir Rafailevich Tukhtarov of the title of Minister of New Technologies and Communications is also confirmed by an official document:


Dear and respected colleagues and friends!
All these awards and the corresponding supporting documents are a great achievement and a very good indicator that our President Tokhir Rafailevich Tukhtarov is doing a lot of work and our project SUHBA has a great importance throughout the world for all sensible humanity!

Success, Peace and Prosperity to all!