IT-projects of JSC “Suhba”


International social network for browsers of any operating systems, mobile version for smartphones based on Android and IOS.

We have created a model of a virtual community of peace and harmony which will become a platform for a variety of Internet services which will be interesting to modern people. Suhba draws on the potential "Secure Internet Industry" - one of the fastest growing sectors of the world economy.


Based on the latest version of the rendering engine “Blink” and the interface developments “Chromium”.
Mobile application for smartphones based on Android and IOS.

A modern, fast and secure browser supports all modern Web technologies and has unique properties.

Due to the developed intellectual system for analyzing images and videos Suhba.Browser can detect unwanted content and block images including advertisements and videos as well as if it will be necessary replace them with their own.


Mobile application for smartphones based on Android and IOS the web version of the messenger for browsers of any operating systems.

Our analogue of applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype.


A new search engine with a stylish concise design gives safe content.

Due to the system of filters installed in Suhba.Search you can get an answer to any question in a matter of seconds, find the necessary websites, pictures, news or products with no worrying about moral security. It also has full integration with all projects "Suhba".


Own mail service which implies the provision of a mail account for each user of the Suhba Social Network based on two domains, such as
@ and @, for example:

It is not based on an advertising module, easy to use and in the same time it has great functionality.